Baseball Players Or Television Stars

It was a special day at Yankees Fantasy Camp.

One tends to be on their best behavior when a camera crew is present and the Travel Channel was in Tampa to spotlight the fantasy camp and speak with various attendees.

The Travel Channel has a new show called Top 5 that singles out its top five adult fantasy camps and the Yankees’ camp made the cut.

The other camps on the list include rock & roll, rodeo, space and covert ops.

The Travel Channel program figures to air sometime in the early spring.

It’s just another aspect of the Yankees fantasy camp that had to come a surprise to the players. Not only do they get to wear the famous pinstripes, but some of them will be on TV talking about their positive experiences here.

One of the Travel Channel producers said a camper told her he felt like he had returned to his childhood by playing baseball all week and hanging out his his teammates and coaches.

In the George M. Steinbrenner Field double-header, the Sultans scored early and often and beat the Pinstripes 20-10 in the first game.

The highlight for the Mickey Rivers/Bucky Dent led squad as an inside-the-park two-run homer by Frank Messino of Western Springs, Illinois. That homer by Messino capped off his four hit game. All tolled Messino drove in five runs. The Sultans’ Brett Lowy had a three RBI game.

in the second game the Bats topped the Thunder 14-13.

The Orlando Hernandez/Mike Torrez coaches Bats were led to victory – in part – by Frank Carbone of West Hempstead, New York. Frank had four hits.

The Thunder had a tough day defensively leading to many unearned runs for the winners.

The campers are looking forward to the final day of activity Saturday when all the participants will take on the Yankees Greats in the eight Dream Games.

Then, Saturday night, the closing dinner will be held and the various team and individual awards will be handed out and maybe we’ll even have some new inductees into the Fantasy Camp hall of Fame.

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